• Monitoring
  • Diagnostics
  • Alerts
  • Reports
  • Monitoring for both web and mobile-based end users.

    Monitor application and infrastructure performance, and diagnose complex distributed business transaction issues. Auto-discover transactions, baseline performance, diagnose, and collaborate with your team to ensure rapid resolution of issues and to provide the best possible experience for your users'.

    Application topology discovery and visualization - discover software and hardware infrastructure components involved in application execution, and the array of possible paths across which these components communicate to deliver the application.

  • Diagnostics, profiling & tracing

    User-defined transaction profiling - Trace auto-discovered or user-grouped events which comprise distributed transactions as they occur within applications, and as they interact with components discovered;

    Application component deep dive — fine-grained code level diagnostics of transactions, and events occurring within the components discovered in the application topology discovery and visualization dimension.

  • Alert and Respond

    Obsdeck provides comprehensive alert and respond system featuring - rules, policies and actions enabling to define key performance metric thresholds across your stack, connect health rule violations and other performance-based events with appropriate actions.

    Automate what should be done in response to events such as sending alerts or performing diagnostic or remedial tasks.

  • Reporting and exporting your data

    Obsdeck provides application health reports, dashboard reports, diagnostics reports, user experience reports and summaries (utilization, trend, etc.). You can set a schedule for these reports to be issued, or you can obtain them on demand.

    Obsdeck enables you to export your data at any moment of time, so you can perform your own analyis whether it's on AWS Red Shift or Microsoft Power BI or your own database.

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